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"Developing an Efficient and Cost-Effective I/I Program", Norton and ICLR for SCC, 2021

The first national standard on I/I, developed for municipalities

Norton and ICLR, working with an expert stakeholder committee from across Canada, have developed the first-ever national guidance document on addressing I/I in existing sewer systems. With the help of this practical guideline, municipalities can start to find and fix I/I now, by using the data, tools, people and resources that are already available to them.

Standards Council of Canada will be issuing an RFP in 2023 for a Standards Development Organization to develop this seed document into a National Standard of Canada. Volunteers will be needed.


Presenting Workshops on "Developing an Efficient and Cost-Effective I/I Program"

Important Content

I/I Studies do not require a model

I/I studies frequently involve the preparation of an extensive sanitary sewer model, which is either not used, or not used correctly, by the municipality afterwards. A model is a very poor and very expensive way to find I/I to fix.

The most accurate and cost-effective way to find the worst I/I areas to address is by reviewing all background information, and working with operations in wet weather to confirm expectations.